Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Ciao…everybody! My name is Jessie and in a two short weeks I’ll be on my way to Italy. The program is going to be incredible and I am completely prepared to have the time of my life—except for the fact that I don’t speak a word of Italian (as you might have guessed from my opening line). Regardless, I’m excited about experiencing the Italian culture, art, history, fashion and food --very, very excited about the food!

While the program is mainly taking place in Rome, it will also take me to Florence, Venice, Capri, Naples, Pompeii and Assisi. That’s four weeks of feasting on the lifestyle of Italy’s major cities. In complete honesty, it didn’t hit me that I’m going to Italy this summer until I started writing this blog. So, right now, I’m a bit overwhelmed with both excitement and nerves.

This will be the second time I’ll in Rome, however; the first time I was with my family. I remember visiting the Vatican City and also walking the streets by the Spanish Steps. I remember seeing Venice and the gondolas in action. Beautiful! Most of all, I remember visiting Rome’s Trevi Fountain. Out of tradition, I stood with my back against the fountain and tossed a coin over my right shoulder—wishing to return to Italy. Little did I know that no more than four years later, my wish would come true.

In two weeks I’ll be on the plane to Rome. I haven’t even started packing yet but I’ve been looking at my suitcase for a week now—we’ll call that progress. I did buy my plane tickets, my books and made multiple copies of my passport. I also met my roommate who seems very nice and fun. She’s also an Italian major which is a definite plus. I’m really excited about meeting her.

I’m taking two classes while I’m in Rome. I’m taking an Art History class and a Sex and Politics in Italian Cinema class. My parents were a bit hesitant with the second class, naturally, but how could you go wrong with Italian Cinema? Besides, Professor Mignone is going to be teaching a bunch of the classes and he’s brilliant and enthusiastic.

I can hardly believe I’m going to be in Italy for four weeks. I can hardly write it, let alone say it out loud! My fingers are trembling from the adrenaline rush, but the psychology major in me is telling me to embrace it.

I’ll write again soon!



  1. Jessie! I'm sooooo excited for you!! You're going to have a blast!! I can't wait to read your blog about it! I hope you update often!! (too many exclamation marks?? hahaha ^^)

  2. Ahh! I went to Rome with this program last summer and it was the best experience of my life! Make sure you find the area of Rome called "Trastevere" for some authentic italian food (don't fall into the tourist trap of dining at restaurants outside of major attractions like the pantheon or piazza navona)..and take a walk along the Tiber River in the evening..its beautiful! Have fun!!

  3. Thanks for the tips Ann! I'm leaving in three days, I'm bouncing off the walls over here! I'll blog often so if you have any more suggestions, please, let me know!


  4. ..and hey Natasha! I heard that you're staying in Korea for the summer- you must love it there! I seriously can't wait until we swap stories in the Fall. Please keep reading my blog and comment, I love the feedback!